29. jan. 2014

Nyhed: Ægte grindhouse-oplevelser i Husets Biograf.

Nu giver Husets Biograf i København dig igen chancen for en ægte og ufortyndet grindhouse-oplevelse, når de i 2014 blænder op for filmfestivalen FACES IN THE DARK 2 - THE BEST OF OLD-SCHOOL HORROR, GRINDHOUSE & EROTICA!

Du får mulighed for at se 8 exploitation perler, fortrinsvis fra 70erne og 80erne, der byder på alt fra østens Kung Fu til italienske zombier! Alle titler bliver i øvrigt vist på engelskvenlige 35mm prints, altså RIGTIG film. Festivalen løber af stablen fra den d.31. jan. til d.2. feb. 2014 og Husets Biograf finder du på Magstræde 14, 1004 København K. Det koster 50 kr. per film. Man kan også købe en hel dag for 70 kr. eller til alle tre dage for beskedne 150 kr. Indimellem filmene vil der være DJs. Der vil desuden være salg af filmklenodier mv i løbet af weekenden.

Billet reservation sker hos Jack Stevenson på jack.stevenson@mail.dk og du kan finde mere information om arrangementet på festivalens facebook.side.


19:30 = SAVAGE STREETS, 1984 / Directed by Danny Steinmann. This bloody tale of inner-city LA gang warfare stars Linda Blair who had added a lot of weight (much of it in the chest) since her role as the possessed little girl in The Exorcist. Linda and her pack of gal pals take on an ultra-brutal boy gang headed by the merciless Jake who is excellently played by actor Robert Dryer in the most extreme role of his career. This is violent urban exploitation cinema like they don’t make anymore, a raw, low-budget, character-driven masterpiece pulsing with an undercurrent of realism but also playing as a dark fantasy that exploits our worst fears of the city. A film much appreciated by Quentin Tarantino who featured it in his cult series at L.A’s New Beverley cinema. A fitting start to 3 intense nights of mayhem and strangeness.
21:30 = RANDY THE ELECTRIC LADY, 1980, directed by Phillip Schuman and staring Desiree Cousteau. This "lost" sci-fi porn comedy was co-written by Terry Southern (Candy, Barbarella, Dr. Strangelove etc) and noted underground filmmaker Ben Van Meter and was Southern's only involvement in a sexually explicit film (it is "soft X" = nudity and sexual explicitness but no penetration). It is complex, bold, campy, satiric, sexy, romantic, daft and bizarre, and with a soundtrack that veers between lounge music and punk it stands as one of the most unique and curious "porn films" ever made ... a priceless lost treasure, strange, ambitious, beautifully filmed and wonderfully conflicted, and the 35mm print we have obtained is in magnificent condition.


18:00 = NIGHT OF THE DEVILS, 1972, 91 min., Directed by Giorgio Ferroni. This gothic Italian vampire film was based on Tolstoy's short story "Lu Famille du Wurdulak" which also served as inspiration for Mario Bava's "The Wurdalak" in Black Sabbath (1963). Ferroni refuses to take a back seat to Bava and delivers a moody and atmospheric film with a psychedelic touch. There is shocking gore and full frontal nudity in what was Ferroni's second and last horror film (the first being the incredible "Mill of the Stone Woman," 1960).

20:00 = THE BEYOND, 1981, 87 min., Directed by Lucio Fulci. Fulci's metaphysical horror zombie masterpiece is about an old hotel built on one of the seven gateways to hell! It's a film of startling images and nightmarish themes beautifully captured by cinematographer, Sergio Salvati. Then add to the mix tons of gory highlights and a haunting score composed by Fabio Frizzi and you have one of the greatest and most extreme Italian horror films of all time. Known in Denmark as 'Woodoo - Rædslernes hotel'.

22:00 - DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE, 1994, 105 min., Directed by Michele Soavi. The story centers on a lonely cemetery attendant, Francesco, and his nerdy deaf-mute assistant, Gnaghi. Every seven days the dead rise from their graves and they must kill them... The film balances between tongue-in-cheek zombie horror comedy and serious art. Soavi, who previously worked with Argento, is an accomplished craftsman and the camera work and direction are highly stylized. On top of that there is a unusual depth to the characters and the performances are truly convincing. One of the best horror films of he 90's.


14:00 = EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS, 1977, 85 min., Directed by Joe D´Amato. While working undercover in a mental institute, our favourite female reporter 'Emanuelle' - the dark skinned beauty Laura Gemser - witnesses an Amazonian girl taking a bite of a nurse's breast! Cannibals apparently exist, and Emanuelle travels to the Amazon in search of this sensational story. On her journey she seduces both men and women with the jungle as an exotic backdrop in this 70's classic that survives as a great mix of sleaze and gory cannibal action. Shown in Danish movie theatres as 'Emanuelle på safari'.

16:00 = PRODIGAL BOXER, 1973, 90 min., Directed by Chai Yang-Min. A classic among the early 70's-martial arts movies, The Prodigal Boxer is loosely based on the character of Fong Sai Yuk, a legendary chinese folk hero and martial artist. Intent on avenging the death of his father, he must first improve his fighting skills through hard training and humiliation. Known in US as Kung Fu The Punch of Death and in Denmark as Karatebokseren, this film does not contain any crippled heroes (see below), bizarre weaponry or other exotic traits but delivers plenty of brutal fights and great performances.

18:00 = CRIPPLED MASTERS, 1979, 90 min., Directed by Kei Shaw. Handicapped heroes have their own niche in classic kung fu films and The Crippled Masters is without any doubt the most notoriously jaw-dropping example of this sub genre. Featuring real handicapped people in the leading roles, an armless super-kicker and a legless boxer, who become a most bizarre and hardhitting combo, delivering deadly revenge like you've never seen!

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